Video: Ty Segall – Break A Guitar

I could watch maximum resolution guitars being annihilated to shredded splinters for hours, who knew it would be so therapeutic? It’s obvious in retrospect, rock destruction fills the void.

I don’t want to over-analyze the symbolism, but it’s known that Ty Segall kind of avoids the entire social media content bloating of the day. So, when (SPOILER) his head explodes at the end of the “Break A Guitar” video while sitting at a laptop, the superfan dork in me can’t help but connect the conceptual dots that lead me to his Goodbye Bread track, “My Head Explodes“.

The Freedom Band’s utilitarian, grey work jumpsuits get the point across, they’re just there to get the job done and destroy.

Rad video director Matt Yoka is responsible for this one too.

Cameos by smashers Henry Rollins, Jack Black, Fred Armisen, and “Robin, Zoey, Artemis, and Tyler” (from the Youtube credits).…